Carlo Piccinelli
Percorsi fluviali in houseboat, camper e bicicletta

River routes in houseboat, camper and bicycle

Magenes Editoriale
416 pages
More than 600 illustrations

A complete and practical guide, rich of information collected on the field, to let the reader (and the traveller) discover over 8,000 km of rivers and shipways in France.
The work is composed of three volumes and gives indications about: Harbours, sluices and bridges with detailed maps; Cities of historical interest, wine and food excursions, festivals and local traditions; Equipped areas for campers and for stops along the river sides, and bike rou tes; Houseboat sailing and rules of river sailing
First part
Geography and environment (landscape; eco-systems; flora and fauna; departments)
History and tradition of transport by river
Knowing the river navigation (Rivers and water ways; nautical technical terms; sluices today; light signals; sluices terminology; hauling and mooring; rules and permissions; licenses)
Navigation on rivers and water ways (equipment on board; basic cartography; visual and acoustic signals; buoys and fluvial signals; etc.)
Information and useful advices (renting a boat; behaviour on board; what to bring; health and prevention; etc.)
Second Part
Each chapter describes a different river or water way and includes: the route characteristics, a brief history of places, maps, technical description of sluices, difficulties, step-by-step navigation)

Carlo Piccinelli is a journalist and a photographer who collaborates with the biggest travel reviews. He realized many guides and documentaries.

Federico Mana


With a foreward by Umberto Pelizzari (apnoea immersion recordman)

Magenes Editoriale, 2008
192 pages

Breathing techniques are the foundations for a relaxing, efficient, safe and harmonious apnoea. The guide is a useful handbook to help divers to breath correctly and deeply in order to improve their performances. The manual illustrates the main breathing-control techniques and later applies them to the different apnoea's subjects. In the manual there are also some exercises aiming at improving the thoracic and diaphragmatic

Federico Mana is an apnoea instructor at the Apnoea Academy. He is an enthusiast of yoga Modern apnoea and in particular of pranayama.
Gaetano Cafiero
La straordinaria storia di Francesco Alliata di Villafranca, l'inventore del cinema subacqueo

The fantastic story of Francesco Alliata di Villafranca, the inventor of the underwater cinema

Magenes Editoriale
228 pages, 2008
32 illustrated pages

The life of the Prince Francesco Alliata di Villafranca, a pioneer of underwater photography and filming, is told in this book. It is the biography of an outstanding man and distinguished entrepreneurs, but also a story made of meetings with celebrities.
The author analyses the unique esxperience of the Panaria Film Production, in particular of movies as Vulcano - featuring Anna Magnani, and directed by William Dieterle - with spectacular underwater acting sequences, the firsts in the world.

Gaetano Cafiero is one of the greatest experts of scuba-diving in Italy.

Luca Pagliari

Forward by Massimo Moratti


Bevivino Editore
13 x 20 cm; 208 pages; illustrated
ISBN 978-88-88764-95-5;
Euro 15.00

This is the story of Evaristo Beccalossi, the valuable football player of Inter during the eighties, who was an icon for the team supporters. Few football players symbolize the concept of “genius and disorderliness” as he did; Evaristo was loved and blamed but he was the symbol of romantic football.
Evaristo was born in a working-class family, and always lived outside the norms. His love for Ferrari's cars, his friendship with Gilles Villeneuve, and countless anecdotes from the changing room are told in this book..
This is not a book just for insiders or football lovers but it's the picture of an old age, so far away from our days.

Luca Pagliari journalist and writer, has been an author for many broadcasting stations such as Radio Dee Jay, Radio 24 and Radio Dimensione Suono where he was also programmes director. Indeed Pagliara was the author and host of various programmes for Rai Educational. He is also involved in youth and environment prevention campaigns. Mi chiamo Evaristo is his third book, previously he published Zona Cesarini. Il calcio, la vita and Una scelta di vita .

Antonio Manciolino



Transcribed and edited by Silvio Longhi and Serena Pivotti


Nomos Edizioni
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Sewn paperback binding
128 pages with Italian texts and original title-pages'
Price: € 13,50
ISBN: 978-88-88-145-19-8

Manciolino's treatise is an essential historical resource about fencing, as in this text the principles of modern fencing were established for the first time.
Written in 1531, the book is considered the first document in which fencing rules can be found.
The text it has been transcribed and noted by Silvio Longhi and Serena Pivotti. That makes it easily approached by a general readership.
Fencing is increasing its popularity as Olympic sport.
There are more than 3000 fencing school only in Italy with an audience more conscious about fencing publications.

Silvio Longhi , was born in Cortona, he has worked for 31 years as relational psychotherapist and consultant in the legal area of the Public Medical Corps. He is a collector of antique prints and geographical maps, military hand to hand weapons for cavalry and duels, fencing stuff (weapons and accessorises), iconography and bibliography. He wrote several essays on this subject, including Il Duello Dipinto di Castiglione del Lago , Le spade di Marra, Marco Doccioli –trattato di scherma 1601.
Longhi also he organizes exhibitions of fencing weapons.

Serena Pivotti was born in Como in 1976. She teaches fencing and in 1996 took part to a Young World Championship in Tournais. In 2005 she became master at the Nunziatella School in Naples and in 2006 won two golden medals at the World Master Championship in Jodoigne.

Pub. date: March 2007
Edition 1 rst
Title Noi la Nautica
Author Paolo Di Muro
Binding thread paperback
Pages 280
Size 13,5 x 21 cm
Price € 20,00
ISBN 978-88-87321-20-3
Pub. date: March 2007
Edition 1st
Title Coppa America, leggenda della vela
Author Massimo Caimmi
Binding thread paperback
Pages 250
Size 13,5 x 21 cm
Price € 16,00
ISBN 978-88-87321-29-6



Ediciclo editore
free to travel

Books for travel dreamers, bike tourist, people finding the real adventure or the real human experience. Stories captivating, inspiring... From Cap North to Central Africa, from Istanbul to Danube route, from the new Europe to the Patagonia hills killing the wind... The bicycle allow to have a wide-eyed view of the world and the nature.
The bike stories bring the readers in a world far from the maps, near to the people, pointing down the road less travelled on riding the bike.

Luigi Rossi
Luigi Masetti, il primo cicloviaggiatore italiano Milano-Chicago e altre imprese di fine '800

Luigi Masetti the first Italian biker traveller Milan-Chicago and other adventures at the end of the 19th century

Series: Eroica/1
13 x 20 cm
200 pages, 2008
The anarchical biker is the nickname which the founder of the Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera" gave to Luigi Masetti, the first biker traveller.
In the 1893 Masetti made the big journey: Milan-London-Chicago-London-Milan by bike. The account of his trip was published every week on the Corriere della Sera.and a long portrait of him appeared on the Touring Club magazine.
Masetti made other important travels: USA, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, the Middle East. During his trip he met the President of the United States of America, he had a friendly conversation with Tolstoy. At the beginning of the twentieth century, any news and witnesses about him disappeared.
He was the trip's poet, the mud-and-dust hero, the biker who was able to collect masses along the roads when he passed by.
From the Polesine, where he was born and spent his youth, he moved to Milan where he started to discover the world with his bike.

Luigi Rossi was born in Rovigo (1950) and lives in Bochum (Germany). He teaches Italian and Art at the Gesamtschule F. Steinhoff in Hagen. Previously he had been Italian lecturer at the Romance Philological Institute of the University of Bochum. Starting from linguistic studies and literary interests he came to the study of the Italian presence in the German area and all over the world.

Omar Beltran
I segreti per vincere con l’allenamento mentale

Secrets to win with psychological training

Foreword by Franco Ballerini

Date of publication: April 2009
160 pages (with illustrations) – size: 12x20
14,50 euro
This book’s aim is to explain how to win in cycling races and in every sport without doping. This can be the result of a plan based on mental potentialities and called “Bread and Water”. But a more important result – especially in the opinion of the creator of this method and author of the book – could be a transformation, an evolution, a purification of sport.
So, Beltran (who has been trainer for many professional sportsmen) shows the right exercises, the best standards to train and in particular how to put in tangible form one's mental potentialities.
The book is not only addressed to professionals, but also to doctors, trainers and managers, students and teachers – especially in sports areas – and (the most important!) passionate people.

Omar Beltran comes from Argentina, but has been living in Italy for 20 years. He was a cyclist and volleyball trainer; now he is an expert of sports methodologies and is committed to motivational work with sportsmen and women in every area. He also collaborates with the “Centro Studi della Federazione Ciclistica Italiana”.
Albano Marcarini
38 percorsi su piste ciclabili e greenways

38 routes along bicycle paths and greenways

Date of publication: May 2009
250 pages – size 17x24
17,00 euro
This book offers useful information about bike tracks: it’s a selection of ideal routes to spend some time within nature and greenery, addressed to families, young people and tourists.
The itineraries are selected in order to cover all Lombardy areas; besides they include many different natural sceneries and overviews: valleys, mountains, lakes, rivers and especially the Po, alternating plain places and waterways… the main attraction remains the absence of traffic and confusion, in a context of historical and natural beauty.
This unprecedented guide is enriched with photographs, technical information, suggestions to offer safe and exciting trips.

Albano Marcarini is a town planner, cartographer and traveller. He collaborated with the “Touring Club Italiano” and with the “Istituto Geografico DeAgostini”. Moreover he writes for many magazines (for example Airone, Tuttoturismo, Amico Treno) and for the newspaper Corriere della Sera, with columns about the discover of cultural goods.

Emilio Rigatti
Viaggio sentimentale da Trieste alle Bocche di Cattaro

Sentimental travel from Trieste to the "Bocche di Cattaro"

Date of publication: February 2009
208 pages
16,00 euro

Riding his bike, Emilio Rigatti faces a new adventure.
It’s a travel from Trieste to Montenegro, set along the Adriatic, in the middle of woods and rocks, preened by sea and mountain scents. Telling the reader about islands and villages, this book offers suggestions and innovative ideas to discover wonderful places and marvellous tourist destinations.
It’s a sentimental journey, between past and present, among family memories, dream-like stony cities, unexpected encounters with strangers and local people (especially fishermen).
Leitmotif is the flag, with those lions so familiar to the author when he was a child, spectators of the anthem “Dalmazia Dalmazia”, which Rigatti’s family used to sing.

Emilio Rigatti was born in Gorizia in 1954; he is a teacher, a writer, a journalist, but above all a traveller: a bike traveller, since he has quit using the car in 2001. Many of his works are focused on travelling, by bike or not: “Minima Pedalia”, “Italia fuorirotta”, “La strada per Istanbul”.

Enrico Brizzi and Marcello Fini
In cammino da Roma alla Città tre volte santa

Walking from Rome to the three times holy City

Date of publication: May 2009
200 pages – size: 13x21
16,00 euro

Walking towards Jerusalem, the city of the three monotheist confessions, two laymen learn a new way to see the world, opening themselves to slowness and simple beauty.
It is a long journey through steep passes, lonely villages, encounters with many different people and various animals (among which a dog and three wild boars).
This work possesses the great merits of completeness, which it book close to a travel report, and sincerity; moreover it is the result of choral narration rather than of a single point of view.

Enrico Brizzi is a famous novelist from Bologna and one of the most influential writers of the last generation. His most successful works are Jack Frusciante è uscito dal gruppo and La vita quotidiana a Bologna ai tempi di Vasco; he has recently published various novels based on real experiences of travelling by feet, like Nessuno lo saprà and Il pellegrino dalle braccia d’inchiostro.

Marcello Fini is a librarian from Bologna, but he has also worked in the publishing area. His first book was Bologna sacra (2007).

Viaggio a pedali attraverso la Penisola del tesoro

(Off Course Italy. Cycling through the Treasure Peninsula)

author: Emilio Rigatti

Publisher: EDICICLO

series: Altri Terre/11
author: Emilio Rigatti
pages: 300
price: about € 15.00
ISBN: 978-88-88829-40-1
published: March 2007

Following the success of "La strada per Istanbul" (Road to Istanbul) and "Yo no soy gringo", Emilio Rigatti is back again with a new adventure on pedals.

Italy is bike-crossed from Trieste to Reggio Calabria, in a route deliberately aloof from main tourists’ resorts.

The portrait of a lively and marvellous “minor” Peninsula, rich of undiscovered treasures.

Two thousand cycle ride alone, or with his 12-years-old son Amadeo, coast to coast and from north to south. Off course, far from the tourist stereotypes, choosing a single transport: his bike, which provides extreme calm, extreme possibility to think, extreme relationship easiness, extreme capability to feel everything senses can convey.
Forgotten villages, typical dishes, ghost monuments, mishaps, dogs’ attacks, Libyan heat, spiritual and geographic loss appear all along the spine of Apennines’. But, above all, people, meetings that become hotter as wheels bites southern lands. Italy thus becomes a Treasure Peninsula which offers all its jewels to the bike-traveller.

Emilio Rigatti was born in Gorizia, in 1954. A teacher, journalist, writer but first of all a cycle-tourist. In 2001 he rode from Trieste to Istanbul with Paolo Rumiz and the illustrator Altan, writing at the end La strada per Istanbul which won the prize “Albatros” in 2002 for the Travel Literature. He described the pleasure and philosophy of daily cycle-travelling in Minima Pedalia, now a cult book. His last literary effort was the Latin-American reportage Yo no soy gringo, winner of the Albatros Youth Jury in 2006.

Matteo Scarabelli C'È DI MEZZO IL MARE

THE SEA BETWEEN US A travel by bicycle round the Mediterranean sea

series: Altri Terre/12

author: Matteo Scarabelli

pages: 304

price: € 16,50

published May 2007

The Mediterranean discovered by bicycle. A 13.000 km long adventure on pedals, through three continents and 20 countries.
The Mediterranean sea is a border, an indefinite though sharp frontier between countries, continents, religions. A place of endless meetings and clashes. Mediterranean means “in the middle of a land”: but which land? And who are its inhabitants?
Matteo Scarabelli decided to discover it in his own way: by bicycle, pedalling 13.000 km through three continents, 20 countries, impossible visas and unexpected lifts. He thus became a little bit Moroccan, Bedouin, Muslim or Jew. Hosted by Egyptians and Albanians, he discovered a lot of stories of courageous immigrants, from Abdel Fattah Hassan to Giuseppe Ungaretti. On the saddle of his old bike he found a great hospitality, but also terrorist attempts and guerrillas, mint tea, angry dogs and beautiful women. Ten solitary months by bicycle, a little soul Odyssey round a complicated sea. Difficult to digest, impossible to forget.

Matteo Scarabelli lives in Milan. As a journalist he writes travel reportages for Corriere della Sera e Radio 24 .




by Giancarlo Pauletto

Publisher: Ediciclo (2006)
Series: Biblioteca del ciclista - 3
Pages: 240 - € 13,00
When the bicycle is the main entertainment of your everyday life, a relaxation that allows to recover your physical energies, the story of its use becomes irony, meditation, anecdotes, poetical descriptions. Giancarlo Pauletto rides his bicycle to discovery the world, but also to enhance his self-awareness, and pedals uphill, overcomes mountains to reach a mental winning post. The author explains in a funny and simply way how to enjoy oneself, alone or in company.

Giancarlo Pauletto, born near Venice, Italy, is a secondary school teacher and also an art critic.
SOTTO I CIELI DEL TIBET. In bicicletta da Lhasa a Kathmandu
(UNDER THE TIBET SKY. From Lhasa to Katmandu by bicycle)

by Giovanni Zilioli

Publisher: Ediciclo (2006)
Series: Altre terre/9
Pages: 250 - € 14,00
Cycling at 4000 meters on the “Roof of the World”, taking emotions and spiritual suggestions - an adventure tour, an interior route.
In the autumn 2005, six friends decided to make a journey starting from the Lombard Plan, in Italy, and arriving to Lhasa, Tibet. There they got their bicycles and started cycling at an average height of 4000/5000 meters to reach Katmandu, Nepal. Reaching by bicycle the “Roof of the World” is a wonderful adventure but also an experience that has a spiritual meaning. It is a way to remove rational barriers to understand a world that is not based on a rational logic, where imagination and dreams have a different and important significance.

Giovanni Zilioli lives near Piacenza, Italy. He is graduated in philosophy and has a great passion for bicycle. He writes poems and articles for different journals and is the author of several books, including La compassione dei vinti (2004) and Luci della sera (2006).


by Claudio Pedroni

Publisher: Ediciclo (2006)
Series: Cicloguide - 3
Pages: 100 - € 13,00

The eagerly awaited guide by tourist cyclists. 400 km cycling in a mountain scenery from Brenner to Garda lake, across historical towns and natural places. The first volume includes the descriptions of the main route from Brenner to Peschiera del Garda. There are also several alternative routes through Merano, Caldaro, Riva del Garda and Verona with details and illustrations of places. The volume includes information about services especially intended for cycling touring enthusiasts.

Claudio Pedroni was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, in 1949. He is a chemist, with a big passion for bicycles. A member of FIAB (“Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta”), where he is in charge to promote cycle tracks.


by Alberto Fiorin

Publisher: Ediciclo (2006)
Series: Cicloguide - 2
Pages: 96 - € 12,50

After the success of Ciclovia del Danubio (“Cycle track of the River Danube”) - a new guide dedicated to the most important Italian river: the Po. 125 Km of cycle tracks, for all the family, including children.
Po is the national Italian river, very typical of this country, that receives feelings and moods from Italian people, and takes them to the sea. It is a historical river, that ends in a fabulous place. The best way to enjoy the journey is a bike ride along its banks, using the cycle track that starts in Ferrara and ends to the mouth of Po. It is a 125 km long ride, that passes through fabulous natural places, ancient villages and outstanding art cities.


by Emilio & Martino Scavezzon and Stefano Zampieri

Publisher: Ediciclo (2006)
Series: Manuali della bicicletta /8
Pages: 96 - € 14,50

A practical guide that illustrates all the details for a proper maintenance of city bicycle with photos and illustrations, an indispensable tool for people that are keen on city biking.
When you go by bicycle, you not only need pedalling, but also keeping your bike efficient. If everyone knows how to change a wheel, someone doesn’t know how to disassemble a pedal to oil it. This book by the Scavezzon brothers and Stefano Zampieri, from 20 years owners of a bicycle shop, offers to all the city cyclists a series of technical sheets with photos and a practical guide to carry out all the maintenance works for your bicycle.

Martino and Emilio Scavezzon and Stefano Zampieri - two brothers and their friend with a passion for bycicle and technology. The first one who starts their business in this field was Emilio in 1985. In the following years they joined in this enterprise and acquired an unique experience in this field.


Patagonia against the wind
cycling along the Camino Austral to the Tierra de Fuego

A solo travel along the savage Camino Austral till the Tierra de Fuego, breathing sensations, liking amazing sundown, suffering for the unstopped raining, the wild dogs, and the loneliness.


Europa Europa!
From the Mediterranean to the Baltic Sea by bike

A solo travel along the new and the entering countries of the New Europe after the May of 2004. Knowing different cultures, languages, rituals.


Salam Shalom
Cycling from Venice to Jerusalem

Different religions, cultures, languages, habits. A travel in the name of the tolerance and the hope from a city on the sea, Venice, to a city under the bomb, Jerusalem.


To Capo North
one year cycling along the European Sea

Husband and wife on the run from the everyday life, 24.000 km cycling along the European seas.


Thirst for Africa
Cycling from Italy to Mali e Burkina Faso

A meditation on the absence, an extraordinary diary about an extraordinary travel. A trip of the spirit trusting in a better future.


My Danube
cycling alongside the European river

3.000 km from the Danube's head to the mouth. Following his blue river, thinking about the historical and natural importance of being the European river.


Orient Roads
Cycling from Venice to Peking

Ten men, one dream: cycling the legendary silk road to reach Peking, as well as done Marco Polo in the 18th age. A long and slow trip, on bike; an experience enriched by historic and cultural suggestions along deserts, mountains, and sweet valleys, under monsoon rains or desert storms.


The road to Istanbul

A sparkling book, an amazing travel. Three persons: a comic-strip writer, a journalist and a teacher cycling from Trieste to Istanbul, the ancient Constantinople, the Eastern Centre of the Roman Empire.