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Neel DoffJours de famine et de détresseJours de famine et de détresse est un roman autobiographique de Neel Doff paru en 1911. Résumé Sous forme de petits tableaux, une petite fille pauvre, Keetje Oldema, raconte sa vie misérable. Elle est la troisième d'une famille de neuf enfants, dont le père est au chômage.

Frances Elisabeth WillardHow I Learded to Ride a BicycleIn 1893 Frances Willard was at the height of her power and influence as leader of the women's social reform movement. It was also a time when bicycles were wildly popular. And so, when her doctor recommended she exercise out-of-doors, Willard was determined to learn to ride.

Mike Marqusee
Definable Traces in the Atmosphere

These pages illuminate the connections and contrasts between William Blake and Thomas Paine, Bob Dylan and Muhammad Ali, cricket and the nation state, Jewish identity and the BDS campaign, flamenco music and the films of John Ford, and the vagaries of political activism, often working closely with those who, subsequent to Mike’s untimely death in 2015, went on to lead the Labour Party.


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